17 With Life

17 With Life’s ultimate goal is to provide inner city youth with a positive alternative to facilitate their success in life. We beat the odds of the street life when we were told daily they would never see the outside world again. Now we use our experiences to make a change.

“We went through all the trials & tribulations of prison. And want to let the youth know this is not the way”

– Nasir Shawqi (Founder)

What We Do

Civic Engagement

Our mission is to save our young men and women from making the same mistakes that we’ve made

We partners with schools, non-profits & various other organizations in the inner-city.

“Guinance Program”

We support the people and the people support us (Guiding & empowering youth through mentorship, financial literacy & entrepreneurship)

Halal Food Truck, News Van, Mobile Detailing, Landscaping, Water Ice Truck & more to come

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High quality shirts & hoodies for Women, Men & Youth

Our Team

The faces of 17withlife it may be a game to some but a reality for others. Four young African American males who beat the odds when they was told daily they would never see the outside world again.

These same brothers reentered society with a passion to spread positive messages to our youth.

17 With Life

Spreading Positivity, Through Mentorship & Experience

Nasir Shawqi – Founder

Email: 17withlife@gmail.com

Phone: 215-305-2993